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Martin Foster

Mar 19, 2007, 10:16:41 PM3/19/07
to Ethereal Realms Code
New with 4.3.1 is the ./mgmt/commandline/ script which is used to
transfer one instance of an Ethereal Realms site that is different from
the latest implementation. While simplicity is the aim of this script,
there are some steps that have to be followed to use it effectively.

Firstly, you have to copy ./mgmt/Ethereal/ to
./mgmt/Ethereal/ This will allow the script to connect to two
servers at the same time and pass information from one to another as the
need arises.

Secondly, must be modified with the connection string
necessary to connect to the original source. This is how the
connection is made and how more importantly that Ethereal Realms will be
able to pass information from the old source onto the new.

Thirdly, when you run the script specify the schema under which the
sites are stored. This can be pulled from the sites individual
./conf/ readouts. If you really cannot find this information
ask your site administrator or browse the database itself.

Lastly, select which parts of the site you wish to have transfered over.
Please note that Destroy is meant to signify that all existing
information (test data presumably) on the new site will be removed
before the old is moved into place. Once you type in 'Done' the
process will begin.

Note that Realms are never transfered. Realms suffer the most amount
of changes between major releases of Ethereal Realms and should always
be redone from scratch prior to the move itself.

Also note that there may be errors or tweaks required to make the script
work properly. If you experience faults, ask for support from the
author of the scripts.

Martin Foster
Creator/Designer Ethereal Realms

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