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Luis Figueiredo

Dec 18, 2023, 1:59:31 PM12/18/23

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to ERDDAP.

My folders are in the following directory /home/emodnet/erddap/dataset/.
Inside that directory I have a folder called ‘Douro_CrestumaEDP’ and inside that folder are several netcdf files.
But my idea was to create subfolders inside the ‘dataset’ folder of the ERDDAP. So I want to create the folder /home/emodnet/erddap/dataset/river_stations/ and then put my Douro_
CrestumaEDP folder inside of that new directory.
I have created the new river_stations folder, change the permissions and the ownership (to tomcat), then change the file paths in the xml file. But when I go to check the ERDDAP, that new folder (river_stations) doesn't
I check and for the
Douro_CrestumaEDP dataset a folder called DP is being created in /home/emodnet/erddap/dataset/ instead of /home/emodnet/erddap/dataset/river_stations. Inside this DP folder, there is another folder called Douro_CrestumaEDP and inside that one there are the following files: Douro_CrestumaEDP_fgdc.xml, Douro_CrestumaEDP_iso19115.xml,,
I think this folder DP should have been created inside the ‘river_stations’ folder, but instead it was created inside the ‘dataset’ folder,
só when I check the ERDDAP the subfolder ‘river_stations’ doesn’t exist.

Could you help me understand what I need to do to create subfolders in ERDDAP.

If you need any more information please let me know.

Thank you


Dec 19, 2023, 11:32:17 AM12/19/23
In ERDDAP's setup.xml, you (the administrator) specify a <bigParentDirectory>, which tells ERDDAP where it can store information that it needs to store (e.g., dataset information like,, datasetID_iso19115.xml, datasetID_fgdc.xml, etc.). No one should create subdirectories or put files in the subdirectories of the bigParentDirectory. ERDDAP will do it as needed. ERDDAP (via the system user who is running ERDDAP) must have read+write access to bigParentDirectory and all of its subdirectories.

You (the administrator) must create other directories, outside of bigParentDirectory, to store data files. Usually you will create one directory (and perhaps subdirectories) per dataset.  ERDDAP (via the system user who is running ERDDAP) needs to have read access to all of these directories and files.

I hope that clarifies how ERDDAP uses directories. If not, please redirect me.

Frederic Leclercq

Dec 28, 2023, 8:21:11 AM12/28/23

Hi Luis,

Could you kindly provide more details about your objective? The ERDDAP UI currently does not incorporate a "subfolder" structure. Alternatively, are you looking to modify how ERDDAP internally organizes its datasets? While it might seem a bit unclear, perhaps you can clarify your intentions.

Best regards, and warm holiday wishes to everyone!
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Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal

Dec 28, 2023, 11:16:55 PM12/28/23
to ERDDAP, Luis Figueiredo
HI Luis:

I second the comment that I am still unclear what you are trying to do. If what you want is for ERDDAP to aggregate over subfolders in forming a dataset, ERDDAP will already do that if your xml is set up correctly. If what you want is that the "files" protocol display subfolders, ERDDAP will already do that if your data are in subfolders, see for example:

(the above is also an example of an aggregated dataset being framed from subfolders)

And I apologize that I have been slow getting back. Just have been very busy and when I looked at this again realized that I still did not understand what you want to do that was falling.

Happy new year,

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