It must be right; Twitter says ePortfolios have a reason for being?

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John Pallister

Oct 6, 2009, 3:25:43 PM10/6/09
to ePortfolios and PLTs
This morning, in between domestic chores, I was following the Twitter
stream generated by the Handheld Learning conference [#hhl09]. The
stream got really interesting when, when Zenna Atkins (Ofsted) was
delivering her presentation.

I copied some of the Twitter and present it below. Important to
remember that each post with be what the individual took or
interpreted from the presentation. They would each be looking through
their own ‘lens’ of interest and experience. Rather that interpret
them again, I will just present them. The full stream is available at

I understand that Zenna’s presentation will be uploaded to

tecnoteach #hhl09 soon passports to employment will not be GCSE but
the book portfolio of who you are and what you can do,no more jumping
through hoops

waltatek #hhl09 zenna atkins one handheld.can educate a whole family.
why sit in a victorian building to be educated. future pssport will
not be gcse

stevmoss #hhl09 - Zenna Atkins - GCSE and A Level are "outdated
nonsense". Online assessment + benchmarking essential in future. She
only got 1 GCE

tmartinowen Zenna Atkins: Like doctors, teachers will soon have pupils
knowing more about outcomes/paths of their education. #hhl09 #icould

paulcampbell Zenna Atkins hails personal benchmarking on handheld
devices as real passport to success over 400m hurdle of our current
exam system #hhl09

philmarston #hhl09 Zenna says realtime online benchmarking of
portfolios will be the near future of meaningful assessment not GCSEs
or even degrees!

waltatek #hhl09 zenna atkins has almost no formal quals but wants
system that alow her to benchmark the entirety of her knowledge to
intrntional std

cloudberrynine Atkins:learners will b able to benchmark whole learning
to date-this will be passport to employment.Emphasis on learners not
teachers #hhl09

tecnoteach #hhl09 Zenna flying the flag for creativity again - a need.
It is not what you know it is what you can do, create & innovate

stevmoss #hhl09 - Zenna Atkins - "Schools are not education, they are
institutions". "We need to develop creative pathways to learning".

didactylos #hhl09 UK PLC employs about 19% of us, we need people who
are creative and caring, security, skills, trades - passports to

cloudberrynine RT @timbuckteeth Portfolios will replace formal
quals.What u can do not what u know will be new international passport
to employment #hhl09

philstuart "Hand picked educational menus that adapt to the needs of
the child" - Zenna Atkins (Ofsted non-exec) #hhl09
irislapinski Standards of learnind covering and reflecting actual
skills not just official qualification. All innovation driven by the
consumer? #hhl09

Malcolm McClaren,

stevmoss #hhl09 - Malcolm Mc - western society thinks it's cool to be
stupid - this presents us with a real problem in education.

simfin In a karaoke world we are free from responsibility #hhl09

Yvonne Roberts

andrewflowerdew #hhl09 ... learners journey should be valued for the
individual insights it brings to the learner and the learning
environment as a whole
John Davitt

paulcampbell John Davitt #hhl09 we need to push students down the
PRODUCER end of the CONSUMER <> PRODUCER spectrum
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