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Coach Carole

Nov 10, 2011, 3:09:57 PM11/10/11
Some interesting perspectives on eportfolios as 'more than a tool' from Trent Batson on the Batson Blog at:

Absolutely agree with an eportfolio bringing so much more to our way of learning. In fact I'd add in to the mix the concept of changing the focus for learners in taking charge of their e-learning through an e-porrfolio approach.

Thinking now about how an e-portfolio can become a 'think piece' central to your reflections in learning, workplace professional development, experiences in self-directed learning and more of your lifewide experiences. This is not new, but it is gradually making more sense to me as an essential e-skill that we all need to have.

E-skills have been on my radar for a few weeks now and there are some ideas percolating for what needs to be included in a foundation course in e-skills for e-learners to help prepare their e-portfolios. What do you think should come first? The e-skills or the e-portfolio? Or can these develop side-by-side?


Nov 15, 2011, 1:18:51 AM11/15/11
I have been throwing around similar ideas after looking at some of the Change11 MOOC links to 'PLEs'. I have started mapping out a basic course to intro for students who want to learn online but realise they are missing vital skills/knowledge/vocabulary.
Some students new to online learning (or indeed self-directed learning) will jump in before they feel they are competent in the skills needed, others will put it into the too hard basket and that would be a shame. To help those students who feel they need some preparation before the bigger tasks I thought a set of intro skills could help them feel better prepared and equiped to tackle e-learning and having a presence online.

Step 1 without a doubt - Email and how to use it effectively as a communication tool and an organisational tool
Step 2 - Social Networking in SOME form (Forums / blogging / Facebook / Twitter - establishing themselves as a resident - or at least a regular visitor SOMEWHERE online)
Step 3 - blogging - the why, where, how and when (also what a learner can expect to receive in return for their investment of learning how to blog)

Step 4 - Eportfolios.


Nov 15, 2011, 9:02:59 AM11/15/11
to Eportfolio_conversations
Managed carefully they could run side by side - an ePortfolio
showcasing e-skills.

Keep the ePortfolio bsic and simple and it could be done.

Coach Carole

Nov 15, 2011, 7:01:23 PM11/15/11
Hi Adrienne, Sandra,

I agree with your steps to e-skills - I'd just change the nomenclature somewhat:
  1. Communicate and Network online (include gmail and how to make that work for you smartly) (include skype and BbC for real time communication) (include disussion forums for anytime discussions)
  2. Learn and collaborate online (include access and share learning resources in cloud based learning spaces, accessing and navigating learning spaces online, learning to be self-directed/self-managed learners)
  3. Reflect and Connect online (include blogging and other online writing skills, curating and researching online, reflecting on learning, connecting with wider cohorts of online learners)

Then after 3 short courses like these (maybe a month each) - engage learners in something like the epcop mooc over 2 months.

4. Collect and Present online (focussing on e-portfolio approach to learning)

This could be the start of foundation e-skills
I'm currently working on some foundation e-skills along these lines too Adrienne - we should collaborate.

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