Dark matter and Dark energy are basis for Quantum Gravity.

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Sadovnik Socratus

Jan 19, 2020, 3:52:19 AM1/19/20
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 Dark matter and Dark energy are basis for Quantum Gravity.
1 - Dark matter - the only one that we know for sure applies to
dark matter is -  it has gravity-mass (not EM mass).
Dark matter is made of particles of ''Ideal Gas'' k-molar particles.
 (lets say - gravitons)
k-molar particles are passive, neutral stuff. (very weak)
The sum of k-molar particles is written by formula  S=kT and because
to find this sum in the universe is hard the complete formula is: S=kTlogW
2 - Dark energy - we don't really know what it is.
 Dark energy is consists of Dirac's ''negative-virtual'' particles -E=Mc^2
 that  can somehow suddenly become real - detectable and  their
existence were proved in Casimir effect,  Lamb shift, vacuum fluctuations.
It means, somehow -E=Mc^2 changed into E=h*f.
  / like a caterpillar changes into butterfly /
3 -  Quantum Gravity is the unity between Dark matter (S=kT) and
Dark energy (E=h*f).  This unity is possible because Dark energy (E=h*f)
 is 10^36 times stronger than Dark matter (S=kTlogW) stuff and
therefore the process of quantum gravity (probably - logW)  can take place.
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