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Giacomo Tesio

Apr 26, 2011, 6:04:15 PM4/26/11
to epic...@googlegroups.com
Hi guys!

Thanks for accepting the invite to this mailing list.
It is intended as the development/support mailing list of Epic.NET.
This is an english mailing list, so do not laugh at me for my poor english.

Currently the Epic source code and site are hosted on my github account: https://github.com/Shamar/Epic.NET/ 
The pages are under my dns, just becouse I do not want to spend money for a better domain name until I will see a concrete future for the project.

Epic will be an original framework to build high profile domain driven applications.
It will be original not only becouse of it's code, but becouse of the patterns and best practices it will suggest/require.
The code will be written just to ease the stiking to the patterns, during the development of real world's applications.
So, a primary part of the framework is it's own documentation: we have actually to write a book about advanced tecniques in domain driven development.

Everything is to be discussed together (the community organization, the licence, the roadmap).
The site and the code are just a dump of my current vision, available for better analisys and all sort of changes.

I would like to take this project seriously, but comfortably. I don't want to take time to my family, but I can ignore Berlusconi's/Alfano's/Ghedini's problems for a while. :-)
I would ask you the same: there's no hours threshold, but I would ask you a certain "mind commitment".

As I said to Lele, we could also switch to any better project, even leaving Epic.NET yet another promising zombie.
We could change language, platform, targets... all!
I do not love this code (even if I actually like the vision), but I prefer to build a good "high skilled" development community rather than a software by itself.

On the other hand, if you would like to work on Epic with me, I think we could build a wonderful tool for enterprise software development.

Some useful read are:
  1. Domain Driven Design books http://domaindrivendesign.org/books
  2. Getting started with open source development (by IBM): http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/db2oncampus/FREE+ebook+-+Getting+started+with+open+source+development
  3. OSS watch pages: http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk/ 
  4. Pro GIT http://progit.org/book/ 

Moreover, you could create a https://github.com/ account to start coding/documenting/downloading the code.

Let me know what you think about this.


Giacomo Tesio

Apr 26, 2011, 6:10:36 PM4/26/11
to epic...@googlegroups.com
A note: there's no warrany about the project success.

We could simply pathetically fail.
I can't even guarantee that the patterns I thought are right or the vision is achievable in a reasonable time.

I'm asking you to have a bet. :-)
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