Survey: Change Ephemerisle to last full week in July?

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Chris Rasch

Nov 14, 2018, 9:25:18 PM11/14/18
tl;dr - Some islands would like to move the start date for Ephemerisle to the Monday of the last full week in July. Let us know what you think!


For the past several years, Ephemerisle has begun on the first Monday after July 11.

However, as Ephemerisle has grown, the amount of build time required for some islands, such as Elysium, has grown as well.

As a result, the start of build is pushing up against the July 4th weekend. Many of the build crew members attend Priceless, family reunions, and other events on Fourth of July weekend. Immediately starting Ephemerisle build after those events would be difficult for those crew members.

Therefore, some of the island leads have requested to push the start date for Ephemerisle to the Monday of the last full week in July.

The purpose of this survey is to see how much community support exists for:

* Making the date change for this year
* Making the date change permanent going forward.

If the start date is changed to the Monday of the last full week in July, these are the dates for the next five years:

2019: July 22 - July 29
2020: July 20 - July 27
2021: July 19 - July 26
2022: July 18 - July 25
2023: July 24 - July 31

This survey will run from 11/12 til 11/26. Please let us know what you think! Note that this survey is intended to be advisory only--what island captains do with the results is up to them. Thank you for your time.

Chris Rasch

Nov 26, 2018, 1:27:05 AM11/26/18
Howdy!  FYI, the ephemerisle date survey ends tomorrow!  Let us know what you think, should you be so inclined. 

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