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Jun 21, 2017, 7:47:08 PM6/21/17
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Hey all

Long-time user, first-time poster! :D

Recently started using EPGP again in an admin roll, in a guild which didn't already use it. No issues setting it up, config all ok (not like much has changed in xx years!) but when it came to us using it to distribute loot for the first time - in ToS - it failed. Utterly. It would bring up the LM window, show me who had picked mainspec/minor upgrade etc, but when it came to me right-clicking their name and selecting "assign loot and give xxEP".....nothing. So, I click on the item in the loot window, directly, and select "assign loot" - I get a smaller window showing the raid members, I select the member it's going to, and get a pop-up saying "you wish to assign <item> to <character>, is this correct?" and I select "yes"......and nothing happens.

First thought - must be ToS is the issue. 

So, we end the raid, having switched to personal loot for this run, I get a couple of the other officers together and off we trot to Obsidian Sanctum......where we get the same problem.

Second thought - I have a guildie, who was lootmaster int he last guild we were both in, let's check my config against his, and see if his works when we make him LM.

So, we get him in the group, and off we trot to Naxx. We're having fun, because, y'know, old raids.We have more fun when we find that HE can distibute loot just fine.....so we switch back to me.....and I can't. We switch to one of the other officers who has come along, and he can do it too.

Third thought - this addon hates me. 

I've checked through all my other addons, removed any sort of conflict; removed and re-installed the EPGP & EPGP: LM addons, making sure to clear the cache and wtf folders......and still nothing.

The attached screenie is the point I get to without issue, where clicking "yes" causes absolutely nothing to happen or change. The screen stays exactly the same as you see it before i press yes.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? And if so, PLEASE, please please please, how on earth do I fix it????

As an extra point, one of my guildies has expressed an interest in stepping up to take on the development and updating of the addon, if it is still currently unmanaged? Hell, if someone shows me what to do to update iot, I'll do it myself - but my guildie has more experience coding and what-not, so yeah, he's probably better. If an admin could get in touch though and we can get things rolling on that, I'm guessing the community as a whole will breathe a sign of relief?

In the meantime though........please help!!! 

Illuminatus Reborn (Bloodhoof/Khadgar)


Jun 22, 2017, 11:31:46 AM6/22/17
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Hey there, 

I've had the same issue. Sometimes closing the window, moving away, then coming back and relooting will allow loot distribution.  I've also had to ask a GM to distribute loot to guildies because there was absolutely no way for me to do it. Now I have to go back and manually distribute the loot. 

It's a trainwreck. Seriously. I have raid tonight and I need to get this into something workable... read my other thread. You may find a fix there. I'll let you know what I figure out.

Keep me in the loop with any new info you get, k? Just letting you know, you're not alone.



Jun 22, 2017, 7:15:13 PM6/22/17
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Thanks Bree, good to know I'm not alone! It's soul-destroying really - spent so long pushing for the guild to use it, building up the system, making sure it all works......and then, as Lootmistress, I seem to be the only one who can't actually distribute loot!


Jun 23, 2017, 2:24:19 PM6/23/17
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I have made my guild change my title officially to Loot Mistress. TY.

Also, using the stuff in the pastebin almost works. The GP numbers are too low now, but we're getting there.


Jun 29, 2017, 1:35:36 PM6/29/17
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Hey i'm not sure this is mentioned but....switch to Rcloot council.  The main addon is updated regularly and EPGP info is supported as an additional download.   EPGP Lootmaster was abandoned and not updated for the past year.   Rclootcouncil is way better.

Daniel Bednarik

Sep 13, 2019, 8:16:37 AM9/13/19
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can you help me what i have to download then? Any links should be best. -.-
Many Thanks

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