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Vince Tran

Sep 15, 2021, 7:49:49 PM9/15/21
to eos-gcp-bp
I am reaching out to track down a representative of the GCP block producer. I am a member of the new Eden on EOS community. We are dedicated to revitalizing EOS community engagement and growing adoption of the EOS public mainnet blockchain.

I noticed that the GCP BP webpage noted that the BP is now "accepting" votes. This is very exciting as GCP's infrastructure, engagement with prior EOSIO hackathons, as well as the EOSIO education courses offered has shown that foundations of engagement have been put in place for some time. In many ways, there are so many different factors in how BPs get votes. One of the most important things for Eden community members is that the BPs that get votes meaningfully contribute to the ecosystem. A tool was recently developed for community members to be able to rate BPs based on their value to the wider ecosystem. With that said, I think it'd be very beneficial to get to know the GCP BP team. We have Eden members who are prepared to engage with the GCP BP to have conversations, interviews and share with the community at large why votes should be directed at the GCP BP. Is there someone that we can engage with on the GCP side? 

Speaking as one Eden member, I think the EOS community is ready to get to know the GCP BP team, and help to drive votes to GCP BP as we better understand your role and future intentions with the community.

You can learn more about Eden here:
The tool we use to rate BPs is here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or can get me to the right person to start conversations.

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