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Jul 30, 2022, 7:41:43 PMJul 30
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In a joint investigation with the Independent, we reveal today that UK-based companies have been helping Russia to continue to export oil overseas keeping vital revenues flowing to Putin’s war machine and pointing to fundamental weaknesses in the incoming oil bans.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western countries introduced some sanctions on the Russian fossil fuel industry in an attempt to slow this vital source of revenue to the Russian state. However, as this investigation reveals, the current sanctions regime contains gaping holes which Putin will be able to exploit.

One such hole is that there are currently no measures to prevent European companies engaging in ‘ship-to-ship’ transfers of oil, provided that these take place within international waters. One such spot is a patch of sea just off the Suffolk coast, where at least twice this May British-crewed vessels helped to transfer Russian oil between tankers.

These ship-to-ship transfers are vital to the Russian oil industry, as they enable their products to travel over vast distances to reach new markets in East Asia, which have proven incredibly lucrative.

This simply would not have been possible without the assistance of British and European ships.

The global shipping industry, operating as it does between and outside of nation states’ jurisdictions, has proven difficult for national governments to hold accountable. Without international efforts to close this loophole, Western efforts to starve Putin’s war machine of funds will be doomed to fail.

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Louis Goddard, Stop Russian Oil campaign

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Subject: British boats enabling the Russian oil trade


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