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This highly-endangered dolphin just became a whole lot more scarce. Protect waterways from pollution to save the animals!
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For years, scientists thought that a rare dolphin was one of the most endangered marine mammals on Earth. These blind, ecolocating mammals swim in the murky waters of the Indus and Ganges Rivers that run through India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, showing unique adaptations to their ecosystems. Now, it turns out the situation is even more dire. In fact, researchers have realized these animals are two distinct species, meaning they're twice as endangered as previously thought.

Now categorized as the Indus river dolphins and the Ganges river dolphins, researchers estimate that only a few thousand of each species remain alive today. The main threats to their survival include environmental degradation, such as pollution and water contamination — which are a direct result of human action. It's imperative that we ensure the health of these rivers in order to keep these dolphins alive. Luckily, some local communities are already working on this, but we must lend our support. Tell the United Nations to commit resources and financing to help local communities work together to reduce water pollution and save these dolphins!

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P.S. Around 3,000 Ganges river dolphins exist in the world today, but their numbers are declining fast. Tell international governments to work together and protect these critically endangered dolphins now!

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