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May 31, 2021, 1:18:16 PMMay 31
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These 20 corporations are responsible for most of the world's plastic waste. They must switch to sustainable alternatives now!
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You and I already know we are positively swimming in plastic. Our trash overflows with it. Our oceans are morphing from ecosystems of fish into piles of plastic trash. Even governments don't know what to do with it — often tossing plastic onto other countries' soil to have them deal with it. Even more shocking: Of all of the plastic waste created in the world, it turns out that just 20 businesses are responsible for the vast majority of it. And of these 20 firms, every single one is involved in producing either fossil fuels or chemicals, such as oil- and gas-based petrochemicals, or sometimes both.

Why are oil and gas companies so interested in producing plastic? Because most plastic is made of petroleum. Every year, more and more greenhouse gas emissions are from plastic creation. Since most single-use plastic is never reused and never recycled, this is causing epic climate and pollution catastrophes for our planet. Out of all these horrible, polluting VIPs, one ranks the absolute worst: ExxonMobil of the U.S.A. This Texan company accounts for more plastic waste pollution than any other company on the entire planet, leaving our world a huge, toxic legacy of never-ever-biodegrading refuse. It's time to hold these companies accountable. Tell the Dirty Top 20 to stop producing wasteful petrol-based plastic, and start producing Earth-friendly alternatives instead!

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P.S. Plastic production and climate change are tightly interconnected. Sign the petition to demand the dirtiest companies take responsibility!

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