*[Enwl-eng] Thousands of dogs are currently being slaughtered at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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Jun 24, 2022, 1:22:42 PMJun 24
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Strays, farmed dogs, and stolen pets all face horrific ends at Yulin.

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President Xi Jinping: Ban the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Once and For All!


Every year for 10 days, thousands of dogs are slaughtered in southern China's Guangxi province during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This bloody annual event promotes the dog meat industry's terrible, torturous practices -- in fact, it was literally started by the industry to boost plummeting dog meat sales. Clearly, the outdated tradition of eating dog meat hasn't been popular among the people of China -- and neither is this festival. More and more pressure from within the country is being put on President Xi Jinping to end the festival once and for all, and we must continue to elevate those voices and urge the president to take action!

A growing number of people in China are pet owners, and a shocking number of slaughtered dogs at Yulin are literally abducted from households by vendors who want extra meat. Journalists and animal advocates have leaked countless photographs of dogs still wearing collars from their owners before they are brutally butchered. Those selling meat at the festival will even pick up innocent strays to kill to make extra profit.


The slaughtering is gruesome enough, but the details of the animals' treatment before their deaths are even worse. Many vendors believe that adrenalin makes the meat that they are preparing taste better, so some of the dogs killed are literally tortured and beaten to raise their adrenaline before they are killed. Often, the dogs are then skinned and boiled alive. The festival started June 21st, so we must act quickly. Sign the petition now to tell President Xi Jinping, the atrocities of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival have gone on for too long. 

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P.S. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a thing of nightmares -- and we must join the people of China in calling for its immediate end. Sign the petition!


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Subject: Thousands of dogs are currently being slaughtered at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival


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