*[Enwl-eng] The recent use of AI to violate and harass Taylor Swift should worry all of us

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The impact of AI misuse is undeniable.

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A CNN broadcast showing a photo of Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards with the headline ''EXPLICIT, AI-GENERATED TAYLOR SWIFT IMAGES SPREAD ONLINE''

The Deepfake Attacks on Taylor Swift Prove It's Time for Federal AI Laws. Sign if You Agree!


We're witnessing a troubling trend in our digital world. AI-generated misinformation is wreaking havoc on lives and reputations. The recent AI-generated misinformation and deepfake attacks against celebrities like Taylor Swift raises serious concerns.


Taylor Swift was the victim of a vile deepfake attack, during which fabricated sexually explicit images of her circulated online. The disturbing images were created by readily available AI tools — specifically Microsoft's Designer product.


The affordability and popularity of AI tools means that attacks like this very well may become common. And if it can happen to one of the most powerful women in entertainment, that means it can happen to any young girl, woman, or person.


Deepfakes have the potential to ruin lives, reputations, and emotional well-being — especially for people who do not have the power and influence to prove they are fake, or the money to pay people to scrub them from the internet!


The issue is far-reaching, and while some states have taken action and passed laws to hold creators and distributors of these deepfakes accountable, it's time for a federal response. Join us in urging Congress to pass federal legislation that protects us from the use of AI in digital attacks!

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Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. The recent use of AI to create sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift forewarns more attacks against people of any status if laws are not passed. Sign the petition.

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Subject: The recent use of AI to violate and harass Taylor Swift should worry all of us

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