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Jun 3, 2021, 8:36:43 AMJun 3
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Indonesia's government is plundering families' homes, land, and rights for its newest tourist destination being nicknamed "the new Bali"
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Indonesia's latest luxury tourist destination has only just begun construction, and already it is one giant human rights violation. Mandalika lies to the east of Bali on the Indonesian island of Lombok — it's a beautiful area of coastland with gorgeous waters at its base and majestic green mountains in the distance. Mandalika has practically been untouched by tourism up until now, which has made it possible for families there to build community and industry for generations. But now, the Indonesian government is aggressively backing programs to punch up its tourism industry at the direct expense of these locals, their homes, and their human rights.

Make no mistake, this new luxury destination, lauded as "the new Bali," will only serve outsiders and those who stand to profit from their tourism, and will only hurt and disenfranchise the actual communities of Mandalika. The 3,000 square acre project includes plans for massive luxury hotels like Club Med and a Grand Prix motorcycle circuit — the construction of which have forced local residents to relocate with their families, livestock, and nowhere to go. Many are living near development sites that are completely unsafe. Locals have experienced threats, intimidation, and forcible eviction; the United Nations has even come out against the project which they say is "trampling on human rights."

This plan has taken away the security, community, and livelihood of the people of Mandalika, and offers no alternative places to live or ways to make money, essentially dooming them all in the name of rich tourists' dream beach getaways. Act now and urge the government of Indonesia to look after these people by making sure their jobs, housing, and community are secured now and well into the future!

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P.S. Indonesia's latest tourism project is ruining the lives of people who actually live there. Sign the petition.

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Subject: Ruining lives is too high a cost for this new luxury tourism project


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