*[Enwl-eng] Stop the 'idiotic' 1.8bn tax break destroying our seas

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It's also contributing to the climate crisis.

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Stop the U.K. Government's 1.8 Billion Damage to Marine Life


Imagine our oceans emptied of fish, their vibrant ecosystems irreversibly damaged. This haunting scenario is becoming a stark reality, fueled by the UK government's 1.8 billion in tax breaks for the fishing industry over the past decade. These subsidies are not just numbers on a page; they represent a direct threat to the very heart of our marine world, encouraging destructive fishing practices that are depleting fish populations and harming our planet.


Sign this petition to demand DEFRA end these devastating tax breaks and protect our oceans from ecological collapse.


The subsidies cater to the most fuel-intensive, environmentally harmful fishing methods, like trawling and dredging. As a result, we're not only overfishing but also contributing to the climate crisis. With over a third of global fish stocks already overfished, the continuation of these subsidies isn't just irresponsible — it's a direct attack on the future of our oceans and the life they sustain. Sign this petition to support DEFRA in taking bold action to end subsidies that are emptying our oceans and exacerbating climate change, ensuring a thriving, sustainable future for marine life.

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P.S. This is a direct attack on the future of our oceans. Demand action!

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Subject: Stop the 'idiotic' 1.8bn tax break destroying our seas


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