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Jul 13, 2021, 12:41:57 PMJul 13
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This oil corporation set the ocean on fire with leaked gas, but it's still operating in the Gulf of Mexico
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A volcanic-looking "eye of fire" erupted in the Gulf of Mexico recently, spewing lava-esque bubbles of huge orange flames on the surface of the ocean. The apparent cause? Most likely an underwater pipeline. Earlier in the day, internal reports show that Pemex — a state-owned petroleum company in Mexico — became aware its oil drilling equipment had been compromised and was malfunctioning after a heavy storm came through. Then, just before the inferno, staff noticed a gas leak. Yet some officials in charge are still claiming this catastrophe was not related to "any spill."

The blaze raged for more than 5 hours before firefighting crews were able to extinguish it. The corporation is claiming it will supposedly do a full investigation, but we know where that always leads with oil and gas companies: no where. Meanwhile, wildlife and precious ecosystems may have been harmed or killed in this disaster, but Pemex is still operating its rigs, pumping out approximately 680,000 barrels of oil in the region every single day. Pemex leaked; now it should lose. Demand that Pemex's license to operate in the Gulf of Mexico be revoked and that its damaged equipment is shut down, before it has the chance to do any more destruction!

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The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. Let's not wait until Pemex's pipelines explode into a full-blown ExxonMobil-style scenario, coating the entire Gulf with toxic, choking chemicals. For once, a fossil fuel corporation needs to finally be held accountable.

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Subject: A pipeline leaked. Then the ocean exploded into fire.


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