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Sea snot is murdering marine life — suffocating animals and wiping out coral reefs
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It's called "sea snot," and it's a nasty looking thick, off-white layer of "mucus" that's covering the water off the coasts of Turkey — and wiping out marine life below. Extending as far as 100 feet below the surface, the slime is murderous. As it becomes more dense, sea snot blocks out light and even oxygen, suffocating marine plants and animals alike to death. Entire coral reefs have morphed from bright, vibrant ecosystems into cold, skeletal remains. Several towns have seen mass die-offs, with thousands of fish turning up dead and crabs asphyxiated by mucus clumped in their gills.

Sea snot isn't coming out of nowhere. It's a biological phenomenon in response to climate change and warming waters. When that's combined with pollution from sewage and agricultural run-off, the mixture is toxic — and sea snot is the product. We created this mess, but helpless marine animals are paying the price. To save the wildlife, we need to stop sea snot! And to do that, we need to crack down on pollution and fight climate change. Tell the Turkish government to pass stronger anti-pollution measures and commit to zeroing out their net carbon emissions!

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P.S. Sea snot is suffocating animals to death, and providing a nasty breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Sign the petition now!

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Subject: "Sea snot" is killing off fish and coral reefs



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