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Internet access should be a basic utility!

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Nearly One in Four Rural Americans Doesn't Have Access to the Internet at Home. Congress Must Change That!


In 2022, most of us are highly dependent on broadband access. The internet is quite literally essential to all aspects of modern life: perhaps most obviously in terms of work and education, but also in how we socialize, entertain ourselves, access important information about our health and well-being, and stay informed about what's happening in our country and around the globe. Yet millions of Americans lack even basic broadband access, effectively shutting them out of job opportunities and connection to the rest of the world. It's high time Congress do something about this harmfully unequal access. 


Sign the petition now to demand that Congress fund internet expansion and quality improvements in rural communities! 


The internet access gap is especially stark among the poorest Americans. And, crucially, increasing broadband access has the potential to dramatically reduce the massive wealth disparity that exists between the nation's highest and lowest income residents. Researchers have found that higher levels of broadband adoptions contribute to higher incomes and lower unemployment -- as well as more economic growth overall. On top of that, for those that live in rural communities far from the nearest medical facilities, telehealth access can mean life or death. 


We must put pressure on Congress to fund internet expansion and quality improvements in rural areas! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. For two years now, COVID-19 has reminded us just what a crucial role the internet plays in our lives. Sign if you think everyone deserves access to the internet.

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