*[Enwl-eng] They wanted a safe way into the U.S. Instead, they died.

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Immigration reform could prevent further tragedies like this one.

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Cruel and Unmerciful U.S. Immigration Policy Led to Over 50 People Dying in an Overheated Truck. Demand Reform!


At least 53 migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras were found dead in an abandoned, overheated tractor-trailer, in the largest single human smuggling death in the United States. This tragedy highlights what many immigration advocates have been saying for decades: "U.S. immigration policy has been ineffective, counterproductive and deadly." We need immigration reform now -- it will literally save lives.

Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass immigration reform!


Immigration is not an easy decision -- people are often forced to do it for their own safety, or that of their families. Others choose to do it because it is their only option for accessing resources. No matter what, it should not be a death sentence. If we look at the data, history shows that the only actual way to reduce illegal entry -- and reduce associated deaths -- is to allow more foreign nationals to work legally in the United States. Congress must look at the facts and see that the U.S. needs progressive immigration reform! Sign the petition if you agree!

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P.S. Migrants will keep dying unless Congress passes progressive immigration reform. Sign the petition!

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Subject: They wanted a safe way into the U.S. Instead, they died.

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