*[Enwl-eng] Children are being treated like animals, and Facebook seems to be allowing it

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Jun 30, 2022, 9:31:16 AMJun 30
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These poor kids have been through enough.

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People Are "Listing" Adopted and Fostered Children on Facebook Like Troublesome Pets That Need

Re-homing. The Posts Are Horrifying.


Imagine you are a child who is already going through one of the most difficult things imaginable: growing up without a permanent home, shuffled through the foster care or adoption systems. It's already confusing, emotional, and even scary. Then, you find out you're going to live with a new family -- complete strangers who your current temporary family basically sold you to on Facebook. 


Yes, you read that right: Facebook has been hosting groups -- entirely unregulated by the adoption industry -- where adoptive or foster parents are trying to re-home vulnerable kids. The language used in these listings is vile: one flaunts a child that is a "great hugger," grossly suggesting the point of adoption is to find a baby that will satisfy your physical affection needs. Another boasts that a child "comes with a special $2,000 a day contract," as if they are not a human being but a gig economy opportunity or a new computer. 


Not only are these posts dehumanizing and degrading; they are creating a dangerous, unregulated process, putting already vulnerable kids at further risk of abuse, displacement, and trauma (studies show that re-homing a child increases the likelihood of depression and mood disorders). There are literal human beings with full, complex lives being reduced to a Facebook ad, and Facebook is doing nothing about it. In a post-Roe world, it is likely even more kids will be cycled into the troubled foster care and adoption systems -- we need action, now. Sign the petition now to demand that Facebook shut down all of these groups and revise their policy to prevent anything like this in the future!

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Thank you,


Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Facebook is hosting groups where adoptive and foster parents can list the children depending on them like animals in need of re-homing. Sign the petition.

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Subject: Children are being treated like animals, and Facebook seems to be allowing it

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