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Jun 25, 2022, 12:19:22 PMJun 25
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Thank you for helping animals across the globe, starting with Yulin’s annual dog and cat meat “festival.”

Humane Society International

On Tuesday, Yulin’s annual dog and cat meat “festival” began, but because of action takers like you, lives were saved.

Dog and cat meat markets were significantly weaker than during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Restaurants that used to be full were slow. This is the direct result of the momentum building across China and around the world to confront the dog meat trade—momentum that wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Earlier this week, police and local activists intercepted a truck of 386 dogs heading on the highway to Yulin. They’re now receiving the desperate care they need at local shelters, including HSI's partner shelter in northern China, getting immediate veterinary treatment for critical injuries and a lot of love and compassion.

There was also a rescue of a dog named Lucky.


Humans hugging Lucky

Before he was Lucky, he was a nameless dog chained outside a shop in Yulin, China. The sign in front of him advertised dog meat. His friendly demeanor suggested that he may have once been someone’s pet, likely stolen and sold into the meat trade.

Local activists spotted Lucky and convinced the shop owner to give him up. Moments away from death, Lucky was sparred a horrible fate and is now safe in the hands of our local partner, VShine, getting all the love and care he deserves before he finds a loving home.

The tide is turning for animals across the globe and it started with animal advocates like you. We wouldn’t be able to take on big fights like this without you, and we won’t stop until cruelty for all animals ends for good.


Jeffrey Flocken
President of Humane Society International

P.S. Thank you for caring and speaking up for animals. If you would like to do even more to help, consider donating today to help us care for these rescued dogs, support our campaign to end the dog meat trade and protect all the world’s animals from cruelty and neglect.

Donate Now


Photo by VShine

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