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The 40-hour work week is outdated and ineffective; it's time for change!
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There are some people who are lucky enough to love everything about their job. But for most of us, there are at least a few things that we would change if we could — especially how many hours we spend working each week.

The 40-hour work week is a relic of the early 20th century. In fact, it was a 1920s automobile factory that served as the model for this labor standard. The working world looked a whole lot different back then — most households could run on just one salary with a domestic laborer at home, the internet and automation wouldn't be around for a long time, and the workforce was fairly homogeneous. Basically, everything has changed. Except the 40-hour work week.

But multiple recent studies have shown that many workers today, especially in office settings, can get the same amount of work done (and in some cases more) during a 6-hour, 5 days a week schedule or a 8-hour, 4 days a week schedule — equaling between 30 to 32 hours a week! Most of us work so that we can live, we don't live to work. And after the global pandemic shocked things into perspective and kept us apart, we value spending time with our families, friends, hobbies, and interests more than ever; we shouldn't have to assign more of that time to our jobs and careers than we have to. Sign the petition to encourage American companies that could make a shorter week for their workforce to do so! It's for the benefit of everyone, company and employees alike.

Thank you,


The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. It's time for us to listen to science and make ourselves happier by decreasing the 40-hour work week to 32 hours where it's possible. Sign the petition.

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