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Jul 12, 2020, 1:05:47 PM7/12/20
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Sign the petition to get them PPE now

It’s déjà vu. As cases of COVID-19 skyrocket around the country, the hardest-hit states are once again beginning to experience a shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers on the front lines. We saw this crisis at the beginning of the pandemic in hard-hit northeastern states, and now states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas where the virus is raging are struggling to meet demands.

We need to get our healthcare heroes PPE now. Sign the petition here.

As the New York Times reported, healthcare workers are seeing a “dire shortage of respirator masks, isolation gowns and disposable gloves that protect front-line medical workers from infection." This was not okay at the start of the pandemic, but four months in when we’ve seen this problem before leaves our federal and state governments with no excuse.

There’s an urgent need to get our healthcare workers PPE now. And in the future, America needs to fully invest in an infrastructure to produce our own healthcare equipment and fulfill and eventually exceed the depleted national stockpile.

We need your help urging Congressional and state leaders to protect healthcare workers. Sign the petition here.

Let's get to work,

Future Majority's Advocacy Team



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Subject: Healthcare workers are facing a shortage of PPE … again


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