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Last month, we asked you to tell us if you consider yourself an 'activist'. Here are the results from the 540 ONE supporters who responded: 

66% of you identify as an activist

20% aren't sure

14% of you don't consider yourself an activist.

But here's the most interesting part. Most people reported taking the same kinds of actions against injustice, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves activists. Signing and sharing petitions, writing to political leaders, volunteering in the local community, donating to causes,  talking to people about issues they care about — these are all ways YOU are showing up to help make the world a better place! 💪🏾💪🏻💪🏿 

Taking to the streets is a powerful part of activism. But it doesn't end there. It doesn't have to look like organising and marching (although these incredible activists would inspire us to!) It can show up in all sorts of ways. From quiet and creative craftivism to organising a school bake sale to raise funds for an important cause. There's space for every one of us to take action, however we can. 

Here's what a couple of you shared with us about being an activist:

"I consider myself an activist because I do whatever is within my power to see that the voice of the vulnerable are heard and actions are taken to curb injustice, vices and inhumane treatments in my society."
Chinonye, Nigeria

"Being an activist is not just, to my mind, about joining the campaigns of the moment, but fighting for improved conditions and more justice for all who need it, wherever we find ourselves. It is a mindset, a way of life."
Elizabeth, Greece

"The actions I take may be small (signing petitions, making donations), but they contribute to something larger…. I campaign for change and I believe that makes me an activist."
Alex, UK

Things we love

🇺🇦 Creatives for Ukraine is an open platform of digital artwork from around the world showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Submit your own art in response to the Ukraine invasion or download and share your favourites to show your support.

📼 AIDS: The Unheard Tapes: An innovative three-part documentary series tells the story of the British AIDS crisis as it’s never been told before. The Open University takes it a step further and shares stories from people living with HIV on how they manage sex and love.

📊 Best selling book, Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez, explores the gender data gap in a world literally designed for men. Her new podcast, Visible Women, looks at what we can do about it

💡This viral video of young people flicking the switch on businesses that keep their lights on all night in the midst of an energy crisis. 

🪢 Does the idea of "activism" put people off getting involved in social change? The Entangled Activist is a book that explores how activists perpetuate the very problems they are trying to fix, and why. The book's author, Anthea Lawson, talks about some of the beliefs that may hold us back as campaigners in this video from Guerilla Foundation. 

Things you can do

🚗 Did you know women are 73% more likely than men to suffer severe injury in a crash? And 17% more likely to die. VERITY (Vehicle Equity Rules in Transportation) NOW is advocating to make cars safer for women. Check out their campaign to require the use of female crash test dummies in the driver seat for all safety tests.

📣 Join campaigners from various backgrounds, all united by their activism in fighting HIV/AIDS at our Activism vs AIDS online event  on 2 Aug, 5PM (UTC).

🎨 Take your activism to the next level and join a 6 week online training from The Center for Artistic Activism! Become an artistic activist through practical and fun weekly sessions.

🦟 Over the past two decades, the Global Fund has helped save 44 million lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Find out how they've done it and share the video to support their incredible work. 

📚 Whether you’re just starting your summer reading list or are powering through it, these 13 books will inspire you on your activism journey. Recommended by ONE staff in Canada, the UK, Nigeria, South Africa and more!

🤔 Poll: My government should do more to fight global poverty.

I agree
I'm not sure
I disagree

Tell us what you think and we'll share the poll results in next month's newsletter...

People Changing the World

**Trigger warning: Ally talks about her personal struggles with eating disorders below**

Activist and artist Ally Zlatar

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Ally Zlatar and I'm an artist, activist, and ONE Youth Ambassador in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Can you tell us about the work you do? 

I am the founder of an artist initiative that helps broaden perspectives on eating disorders and mental illness called The Starving Artist. My key focus areas are creating artworks and arts-based research, publications, exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and reflections that explore marginalised experiences of wellbeing. I also founded The Starving Artist Scholarship Fund, which helps people access inpatient treatment for eating disorders. 

My art emerges from my own personal experiences. It's incredibly difficult to express how an eating disorder can impact the self-identity and self-image of someone who is ill. My work explores the individual's experience by focusing on themes of illness, vulnerability, and authenticity.

As a woman who comes from a family of displaced origins (my family fled former Yugoslavia), I feel there is a lack of authentic representation of migrant women. There's a focus on displacement, social impact, and social struggles, but there's a dire need to examine the internalised psychological and emotional struggles of the experience. The reality of living with the 'divergent body' deriving from a background of conflict, can at times be unbearable. 

My "This Body of Mine" campaign explores migrant experiences through creative voices. I aim to enlighten the public on what it is genuinely like to endure hardship as a female migrant and share other artists' stories through my platform.

Through my work, I've received the highest accolade a young person can achieve for their humanitarian work — The Princess Diana Legacy Award in 2021, the Y20 Awardee for Diversity and Inclusion, and also special recognition from The British Citizen Award in 2022.

How do you stay motivated to do this work? 

My advice for others is to remember the end goal. Hard work takes time and if it was easy, it would be done already. 

In my spare time, I love painting so I do that as much as I can. And I try to get out on a good hike. I also like listening to Orville Peck, who I recommend for all the Indie and Country Music lovers out there!

📺 Check out Ally's video where she shares why activism is important to her.

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