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In just a few days, our MEPs in the EU Parliament will vote on banning cages in European farming – a huge opportunity to end the torture hundreds of millions of animals suffer.

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Hundreds of millions of animals in Europe spend most of their lives in a cage, sometimes from birth until death. [1] All to fill the deep pockets of multinationals and big agribusiness. Rabbits, hens, and female pigs can all expect to spend their lives in impossibly cramped conditions.

But in just a few days, our MEPs in the EU Parliament will vote on banning cages in European farming – a huge opportunity to end the extreme animal suffering that’s part and parcel of the way we produce food. [2] The EU Commission has already said they’re planning to take action, but it’s not clear how far they’ll go. [3]

They could propose something as ambitious as a ban on all cages in EU farming by 2027! But they’ll only do it if MEPs step up to the opportunity and signal that they would actually vote for a new law like this.

If each of us individually contacts our representatives in the EU Parliament directly before this week’s vote, we have a real chance to end cage farming for good!

Tweet at MEPs now!
Email MEPs now!
It only takes one minute!

If MEPs don’t vote “yes” in high enough numbers this week, then the EU Commission may just propose more research studies, which could take years to complete and effectively kicks this can down the road for future politicians. All the while, the suffering of hundreds of millions of animals will hang in the balance.

But if MEPs vote overwhelmingly this week to ban cages in EU farming, then the EU Commission will be pushed to take bold, decisive action – and ban cages in European farming by 2027, once and for all.

Some MEPs may not have strong feelings about animal welfare – others might not even know that this vote is going to be happening. So imagine when these MEPs see hundreds of messages on email and Twitter from us – their constituents – asking them to represent us and vote to end animal suffering!

Will you take 1 minute to join this action, and pressure our representatives in the EU Parliament to vote for an ambitious ban on cages in EU farming?
Tweet at MEPs now!
Email MEPs now!
It only takes one minute!

We’ve literally been working on this issue together as a community for years. [4] Sometimes change takes time, and we don’t always see the impact of our actions right away. But we’ve finally made it to this moment, where the EU may finally take a stand – all we need is a push to get it over the line.

So much of this work is thanks to the European Citizens’ Initiative to End the Cage Age, to which our community added tens of thousands of signatures over two years ago! [5] Together with over a million people from elsewhere in Europe, we pushed our leaders to make animal welfare a priority and deliver real, lasting change. We’re finally almost there – will you help with the final push?

With thanks,
David (London), Virginia (Madrid) and the entire WeMove Europe team


[1] https://www.ciwf.org.uk/media/7434596/end-the-cage-age-why-the-eu-must-stop-caging-farm-animals.pdf
Egg-laying hens in the so-called ‘enriched cages’ have only the space of about an A4 sheet of paper, which does not allow them to perform basic needs such as dustbathing and wing-flapping. Rabbits raised for meat are sometimes unable to stretch up or out fully and generally do not have enough space to perform a single hop. Almost all adult female pigs spend nearly half of every year inside crates, in which they cannot even turn around.
[2] https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/B-9-2021-0296_EN.html
[3] https://www.euractiv.com/section/agriculture-food/news/european-commission-open-to-consider-cage-rearing-ban-initiative/
[4] https://act.wemove.eu/campaigns/no-cages
[5] The End the Cage Age ECI was coordinated by our partners Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)


WeMove Europe is an independent and values-based organisation that seeks to build people power to transform Europe in the name of our community, future generations and the planet.

WeMove Europe is funded by donations from our community across Europe. Can you chip in with a few euros a month and help make sure we can move fast to win the campaigns that matter to all of us? Donate

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