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Decarbonization in Asia China, May 30, 2023

The world’s efforts to alleviate poverty and inequality and achieve sustainable development have been undermined by multiple crises of climate change, and biodiversity losses, coupled with the global economic downturn, the energy and food crises, geopolitical tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the IPCC report, the average global temperature may reach or even temporally exceed 1.5°C in the near term, due to the significant gaps in mitigation ambition and action.

Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, and home to the most vibrant growth in population, industrialization and energy consumption in the next couple of decades. Nations in the region have made climate pledges in their Nationally Determined Contributions as part of the Paris Agreement, but challenges remain in terms of limited enabling policy environment or public financial resources leveraging private capital.

China has gained experience in air pollution control, energy transition, green finance, biodiversity conservation, and green transition in energy-intensive industries. Therefore, dialogues between China and other Asian countries in climate policies, energy transition and financing mechanisms are critical since they could improve climate policies and actions in the area, contributing to regional green recovery and climate resilience. The workshop, therefore, invites representatives from intergovernmental organizations, multilateral development financial institutions, think tanks, academia, foundations and social organizations to discuss how to accelerate Asia’s energy transition and green, low-carbon and resilient economic recovery through multilateral and bilateral cooperation.




Session I: The Status and Outlook of the Energy Transition in Asia


In Session I, experts from intergovernmental organizations, MDBs, international and national think tanks, and social organizations will share their insights on:


Experiences of China’s Green and Low Carbon Development


Powering Progress: Exploring Energy Transition in the CAREC Region through the Lens of China's Success Story


Energy Transition in Mongolia: Drivers, Policy and Opportunities


Synergy Between Air Pollution Control and Energy Transition in China


Session II: The Status, Challenges and Opportunities in Financing a Green, Low-carbon and Climate Resilient Recovery


In Session II, experts from intergovernmental organisations, MDBs, universities, think tanks and social organizations working on China, Central Asia and Southeast Asia development will share their insights on:


Climate Risk and Impacts in Asia


Ensuring green, resilient, and inclusive economic development: IWRM and Nexus approach


Financing Green and Climate-Resilient Recovery in Asia 


Status, Challenges and Opportunities of Overseas Green Investment in Asia, and the Green Investment Principle in Central Asia


Mobilizing Debt Relief for Low-Carbon, Nature-Positive Development in Asia


Please kindly scan the QR code for registration. The event format is hybrid, with limited seats for onsite participants. We will confirm the registration via email within 5 working days, thanks for your understanding.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Ms. SHAO (cli...@ghub.org ).
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Subject: Decarbonization in Asia China, May 30, 2023


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