*[Enwl-eng] Sudan's military conflict is destroying innocent lives

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May 11, 2023, 11:09:06 AM5/11/23
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People are starving, being blown up, or are forced to flee.

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Innocent Civilians Are Suffering and Dying Because of a Violent Struggle Between Power-Hungry Military Groups in Sudan



Violent conflict in Sudan is escalating as the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group fight over control over the nation. Experts are worried the country could end up in a blood soaked civil war. This tragic violence threatens the lives of millions of Sudanese civilians who simply want peace and safety.


Thousands of helpless victims turned refugees are fleeing the country. People who stay are forced to shelter from the violence inside their homes, rarely leaving for food and other supplies because it's so risky. But many homes are being damaged and destroyed as violent fighting is breaking out in residential areas.


The majority of Sudanese hospitals have stopped functioning. Morgues are filling up rapidly. There are food, fuel, and medicine shortages. People are suffering.


One key way to keep civilians safe and curb the violence is preventing weapons transfers into Sudan. The conflict cannot continue if there are not tools with which these parties can enact their mass violence! The current embargo in Sudan is being reviewed this month, so swift action from activists like you is vital. Sign now to tell the UN Security Council: continue the arms embargo in Sudan until civilians are out of harm's way!

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P.S. Sudan is engulfed in violence and death as military groups fight for power. Sign the petition to ask the UN to keep weapons out of Sudan.


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Subject: Sudan's military conflict is destroying innocent lives

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