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It sure looks like it
The Story of Stuff Project
Refillable glass Coca-Cola bottles

You’ve probably seen our latest, a groundbreaking short documentary that exposes just how deeply Coca-Cola has been involved in killing the reusable bottle, and flooding the world with disposable plastic instead. 

The exposé uncovers the truth behind a 1970 Life Cycle Analysis report commissioned by Coke, which made the case decades ago that reusables are better – way better – for the planet. But despite the role Coke played in damning the reusable glass bottle to the annals of history, the company still likes to leverage that imagery in its ads to boost sales. Why? Because they know that people love them.

Turns out, folks have fond memories of buying those classic reusable glass bottles, returning the containers to collect their deposits, and even the taste was better back then, many say. Just take a look at some of the comments we’ve gotten on YouTube:

Going back to the reusable bottles we all love isn’t just a trip down memory lane. It’s also a way to upend an industry pumping out billions of single-use plastic bottles every year. For the next phase of our Bring Back Refill campaign, we’ll ramp up pressure on Coca-Cola to address their footprint as the world’s top polluter. At the same time, we’ll push legislators to start requiring more refillable bottles. 

There’s just one hitch – we keep hearing from lawmakers that they need proof that people prefer reusables, to get legislation over the line. And that’s where we need your help. Can you help fund polling enabling us to show how much public support there is for refillable bottles?

will you chip in today to help
us reach that goal?
chip in


To secure polling and provide irrefutable proof that will help create this policy, we need $12,000. Will you chip in today to help us reach that goal?

Over the next two years, we’re working to enact at least 3 state bottle deposit laws that include reuse quotas forcing Coca-Cola to meet its commitment to 25% reusable bottles in the U.S. – and aim to bring the rest of the beverage industry along too. But we need your help to get this ambitious plan off the ground. Make a contribution today that will kickstart this campaign!

Thank you for making our work possible,

The Story of Stuff Team

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