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Aug 4, 2022, 10:42:53 AMAug 4
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It’s time for the FDA to regulate PFAS, a ‘forever chemical’ that’s found in everyday plastic items which can create serious health risks!

OD Action:

It's Our Democracy!
‘Forever Chemicals’ have no place in our food!

We all deserve toxic-free food. However, harmful chemicals called PFAS (per and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) have increasingly been found in many of the substances we use and food we consume every day.

These toxic ‘forever chemicals’ are all around us — from takeout containers and plastic packaging to drinking water and cosmetics — and can stick around the environment and our bodies indefinitely. That’s why we need the FDA to protect our health by banning PFAS immediately!

Together we can urge the FDA to ban these dangerous chemicals! Raise your voice by signing the PFAS Public Health Petition.

The Food and Drug Administration has an opportunity to protect the public from life threatening chemicals found in everyday items we need and rely on. Over time, PFAS exposure can lead to a wide range of serious health effects as it accumulates in the body, including:

  • Increased risk of cancers.

  • Decreased vaccine response in children.

  • Increased risk of high blood pressure.

  • Declines in infant birth weight, and more.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With guidance from the FDA, companies can begin to phase out PFAS from their products, using alternative methods to create the goods we need without putting our health at risk. The answer is clear: the FDA needs to turn off the tap to toxic chemicals and ensure that all Americans are protected from ‘forever chemicals.’

Persistent chemicals linked to health harm have no place in our food packaging. Sign the PFAS Public Health Petition and demand swift action from the FDA!

Thank you for your support,

Wes Rogerson

Manager, Grassroots Organizing & Activism


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Subject: Food companies are poisoning us

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