*[Enwl-eng] Another wildfire season in California, and even more wildlife death

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Jul 16, 2021, 9:26:21 AMJul 16
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California's wild animals desperately need help during what is going to be an even deadlier wildfire season than last year!
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California's 2020 wildfire season was the largest in modern history — nearly 10,000 separate fires burned almost 5 million acres, displacing tens of thousands of residents from their homes and killing 33 people. But one metric that we cannot be sure of is the number of animal lives lost, both during these disasters and in the following months of lasting damage and cascading negative effects. And now, as of this writing in July, 2021, California's wildfires have already "scorched 3 times more land than in the same period" last year.

Nowhere is safe once the wildfires have taken hold. Even aquatic ecosystems, like Redwood Shores Lagoon off the San Francisco Bay, have seen a total disruption. Ash falls from the sky, killing many of the fish; pelicans and egrets fail to return without their fish food sources, as do bat rays. These animals recovered this year just weeks before the next, even more devastating wildfire season began and the horrible cycle started all over again.

Scientists, for years, have been calling for more year-round maintenance of fuel areas — places where dry vegetation, made even drier by climate change induced heat and droughts, lays waiting to become uncontrolled, deadly wildfires. This has largely gone unaddressed, or even overpromised; in preparation for the 2020 season, Governor Newsom claimed 90,000 acres of land had been treated. An investigation uncovered that this number was closer to 12,000. California has been routinely falling short in its wildfire preparedness, and the incalculable number of wildlife lost is only going to increase if the state doesn't change its ways. Sign the petition and demand that California listen to the science, and do more year-round to prevent uncontrolled wildfires instead of it becoming a yearly emergency!

Thank you,


The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. California needs to do much more in between wildfire seasons, as ecosystems have just barely bounced back from last year's flames. Sign the petition.

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Subject: Another wildfire season in California, and even more wildlife death


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