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Nestlé Waters is trying to silence and bully the whistleblower who exposed its illegal plastic dump. He really needs your help today.

Tell Nestlé to urgently clean up its mess and drop the case against Didier Thouvenin.

Photo of Didier Thouvenin, the whistleblower bullied by Nestlé

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Sucking dry an already drought-stricken water table, illegally pumping and monopolizing water resources, an embezzlement probe, and now plastic and chemical pollution. Nestlé Waters is behind all of this.

Not surprised? We are not either, but just like the people of Vittel in France, we are shocked and appalled.

There are no less than 9 illegal dumps, some of which are more than 50 years old, scattered around the mineral water territory of Vittel and Contrexéville in Eastern France. That’s enough plastic and chemical waste to fill several dozens of Olympic swimming pools.

This pollution is denounced by brave locals. One of them, the farmer Didier Thouvenin, is now facing a legal complaint from Agrivair, a "green" subsidiary of Nestlé. He is accused of trespassing on Nestlé's land to expose the massive illegal dumping site next to his farm. Enough with the bullying:

Tell Nestlé to clean up its illegal dumps and leave Didier Thouvenin in peace.

Every year, more than 1.5 billion plastic bottles bearing the Vittel, Contrex or Hépar labels leave the Nestlé Waters factories around Vittel. With 245 million euros in sales and 900 jobs, Nestlé feels almighty. The powerful multinational doesn't care about laws, the environment, or the people.

Since 2014 and the discovery of the first illegal plastic dump, Nestlé hasn't done anything -- well, it did try to cover up this scandal. It's only recently, after media attention was drawn on two newly discovered dumps that the Swiss polluting giant, in a desperate communication move, has admitted the existence of 9 illegal dumps in total.

And instead of cleaning up and rehabilitating the contaminated land, Nestlé and its subsidiary Agrivair have found nothing better to do than to sue the farmer who first sounded the alarm back in 2014. What a shame! We must expose Nestlé's mafia-like behavior before it is too late for Didier :

Demand that Nestlé leave Didier Thouvenin alone and de-pollute its illegal plastic dumps.

Behind its paper thin ecological facade, the Swiss multinational -- which is fond of greenwashed marketing campaigns -- has been caught red-handed. The polluting giant is now revealing its true face to the world.

The soil is polluted, but even worse is the potential pollution of the region's water supply. The same water that’s bottled and sold as Vittel, Contrex and Hépar mineral water. If we don't act now, Nestlé could once again get away with appropriating and destroying public resources.

Together, SumOfUs members and the people of Vittel have already defeated Nestlé. Last year, as a result of your massive mobilization and support of the people of Vittel, you helped stop an environmentally destructive water pipeline project.

Nestlé is nervous. This legal action against Didier Thouvenin is proof of that. It's time for us to turn up the pressure on Nestlé and deliver the final blow.

Tell Nestlé to clean up the region and that you support the heroism and courage of Didier Thouvenin.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Fatah and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

(In French) Vittel : neuf décharges sauvages sur les terrains de Nestlé Waters, des analyses sont en cours, France 3, May 26, 2021.
French Town Becomes a Focal Point in War over Water, Der Spiegel, February 13, 2019.
French town of Vittel suffering water shortages, Mediapart, April 27, 2018




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