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Jul 12, 2020, 12:18:49 PM7/12/20
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This seal is so covered in seaweed, algae, and grime that it can only be the result of years of neglect.
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A sad, lonely seal is rotting away under pounds of seaweed in a Spanish zoo. Photos circulating on the internet show one of the animal's eyes is swollen and most likely infected, the other shadowed under a shoot of seaweed that seems to be lodged painfully into the seal's pores. Its flippers scrape the bottom of its filthy enclosure, which contains barely enough water to cover the marine mammal. But the rest of the seal is totally concealed under pounds and pounds of heavy, tight, painful seaweed.

The condition that this seal is in can only be a result of years of neglect. The Mini Zoo in the Magdalena Peninsula in Santander, Spain, where the seal miserably lives, can clearly not be trusted to care for any animals. Zoos are already precarious environments — caging and displaying wild animals for economic gain and human entertainment almost always leads to exploitation and abuse. This is, sadly, a perfect example of that. Please sign the petition and demand that the zoo be shut down at once, and all of its animals be sent to sanctuaries!

Thank you,


Lauren W.
The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. The Mini Zoo in Santander, Spain is treating its animals disgracefully. Sign the petition to shut down the zoo and send these poor creatures to sanctuaries now!

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Subject: This seal has been so neglected that it is hardly recognizable as a seal


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