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Mar 30, 2023, 1:29:09 PMMar 30
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When you will time to rest would you be so kind to read text below?

All participants in this conference, both speakers and observers, noted the important role not only of the scientists, but also of art and culture workers, in the preservation and rehabilitation of the Aral Sea and Aral Sea region. Sensitive and rational ways of knowing the consequences of an environmental catastrophe in the Aral Sea and in the Aral Sea region complement each other and serve to achieve a better future for the Aral Sea and all peoples of the Aral Sea region as soon as possible. Creation of new works of art and culture, both professional or for use with mass media, documentaries or modern creative synthetic educational products, preferably with the use of modern digital capabilities and aimed at prospective development, which are devoted to the Aral and Aral Sea region, we strongly welcome and fully support. New literary, artistic and other works are needed which will be devoted to the Aral Sea and the Aral Sea region. It is necessary to support creation of new poems, songs, paintings, plays, films, television shows, internet sites and many other things to attract attention to the problems of the Aral Sea and Aral Sea region by the masters of art and culture in order to solve them as soon as possible. It is important to hold thematic literary, song, theater, film and television festivals Development of tourism on the banks of the Aral Sea and in the Aral Sea region has great potential. It should not be spontaneous. Instead there needs to be a system of international interaction and appropriate infrastructure, ensuring that tourism can be adventurous, but must have a historical, natural-scientific character. Such tourism will increase the employment of the population, give it a supplement professional activity to support job and income security and will have commercial and informational attractiveness. Only the joint efforts of workers in science, art, culture and the tourism industry will allow us to successfully fulfill these very important development objectives that are now being successfully developed and implemented for the Aral Sea and in the Aral Sea region.

ADVANCED ST. PETERSBURG STATEMENT ON THE ARAL SEA you could read via link indicated below:



"Aral Culture Summit: Art, Empathy, & Environment"




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