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Nominate now through 26 February

Daily News

24 January 2024


Equator Prize 2024: Nature for Climate Action

Greetings from the UNDP Equator Initiative in New York.

Given your work on climate, nature and sustainable development issues, we thought you might be well positioned to nominate eligible groups or get this message into the hands of interested organizations.

The Equator Prize 2024 will be awarded to outstanding community and Indigenous initiatives that are advancing nature-based solutions for local sustainable development. The winners will join a prestigious network of 285 leading community-based organizations from 89 countries that have been awarded the Equator Prize since 2002. Each Equator Prize winner will receive USD 10,000 and will be supported to participate virtually in a series of policy dialogues and special events in the later part of 2024.
We hope to appeal for your support in two key areas:

  1. Nominate communities that are innovating and advancing creative nature-based solutions for climate mitigation, climate adaptation and resilience, and a just transition.

  2. Circulate this announcement amongst your partners and contacts, encouraging them to submit nominations and share the call for nominations with their networks, including through social media by sharing the Equator Initiative posts on X (@equatorinit), Facebook (@equatorinitiative) or Instagram (@equatorinitiative). We encourage you to post about the call for nominations using this Trello board.

For further information, please visit prize.equatorinitiative.org/about-the-prize. You will find all relevant information on eligibility requirements, selection criteria and how to nominate. Nominations can be submitted in four different languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) in our new online nomination system at prize.equatorinitiative.org.
The nomination deadline is 26 February 2024. Nominations will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Videos introducing the Equator Prize and past Equator Prize winners are available on our Youtube channel here and Vimeo channel here.
For more news about the Equator Prize follow us on Facebook (@equatorinitiative),

X (@equatorinit) or Instagram (@equatorinitiative).

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact pr...@equatorinitiative.org.

             About the Equator Initiative and the Equator Prize

The Equator Initiative is a United Nations-led partnership that brings together governments, civil society, grassroots organizations, and businesses to foster resilient communities by recognizing and advancing local nature-based solutions for sustainable development. The Equator Initiative creates opportunities and platforms to share knowledge and good practices, develops capacities of local communities and Indigenous Peoples, informs policy through convening multi-stakeholder dialogues, and fosters enabling environments to replicate and scale up community action. For more information please visit equatorinitiative.org

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Subject: ⭐ Equator Prize 2024: CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

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