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I'm Àlex and I often work in the background, in fact this is the first email I’ve sent you. I support this community's work online by coordinating our social media accounts.

Since I started I've been impressed by the energy of this community. But recently, I’ve been producing our annual report and I’ve been bowled over by our power to transform Europe.

We've been living through a global pandemic and it has been rough all round. Yet, as we pulled together the stories behind the campaigns we ran - I saw a clear picture of hope in the despair.

So, I wanted to take time to write an email that’s a little bit different. Alongside preparing the annual report, I’ve taken the time to create some graphics just for you. Below you can find highlights from 2020 and share what you’re most proud of achieving together.

Get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and have a look at the powerful work we've done...

Together we’re ensuring Europe puts people before profits.

When the European Commission presented a new Chemicals Strategy, it threatened to deliver business as usual for big polluters. Well, until we intervened with our 127,000 strong petition! It helped those pushing for a plan fit for our planet to show citizens were watching. Together we forced a rewrite.

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Along with fighting for a Europe that gives everyone a chance to thrive.

Last year Europeans were feeling the effects of the pandemic as industries shut down. So, our community lept into action. We took the idea of an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) to the European stage. Showing that 70% of Europeans support the idea and kick starting a conversation we continue today.

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Continuing to confront the threats to our climate

Global threats need global solutions. So, we know that the path to protecting the environment must be paved with EU action. In 2020 we had to move fast to block the recycling of lead contaminated PVC. So, we came together to send thousands of tweets and over 27,000 emails to MEPs. Our action helped ensure they voted the measure down.

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And, we forced Europe's leaders to drop ties with big corporations.

It’s a simple idea, that those in positions of power shouldn't have conflicts of interest. Yet, it’s something we have to stand up for over and over. When several top political appointees failed to declare their full financial interests, over 100,000 of us pushed back. And we won. Together we triggered a wave of outcry that in two weeks forced a change.

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But these spotlights just scratch the surface. We also hit a record 76% of funding coming from individuals like yourself! That’s critical for our community, because we don’t take a single cent from corporations or governments. These small donations mean we have the independence needed to be agile and powerful. 

You can reflect on everything we did in 2020 in detail as the full report is out now for you to explore.

It tells a clear story of how we came together to keep the momentum going on many issues that could have faded. Because we are a community of over a million united by a belief that if people have a say, Europe can be better tomorrow than it is today.

If this past year has shown us anything, amidst the pain of the pandemic, it’s if we move together we can make great things happen.

Thanks for making all this possible,

Àlex (Barcelona) and the WeMove Europe team

PS. Don’t forget you can explore the full annual report whenever you like here!


WeMove Europe is a community of people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home,
no matter where we were born, where we live or who we love.
In the name of a brighter future for people and the planet,
we come together to sign petitions, send letters and protest on the streets to make our voices heard.
Our power comes from each other. And it's thanks to small monthly donations, fivers and tenners, that we can keep going.

Vladimir, please help keep WeMove Europe strong by chipping in.


WeMove Europe SCE mbH | Planufer 91 Berlin | www.wemove.eu | Privacy policy |

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