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Demand the U.S. passes the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act now, before more species die off forever!
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The Extinction Crisis Emergency Act is a new bill recently introduced in Congress — and it must pass. As climate change, habitat loss, wildfires, poaching, and the international trade in wildlife parts take their toll, many species all across the U.S. and even the globe are facing an ominous threat to their very existences. The situation is so dire, lawmakers are urging President Biden to declare this mass extinction crisis a "national emergency," which it is. Scientists currently estimate that around 1 million species of animals and plants are currently at risk of extinction, including more than 30 percent of species in the U.S.

Without these animals and plants, our future looks a lot more bleak and a lot less certain. Pollinators like bees are imperative to keep our ecosystem afloat; many types of marine animals help with water purification; and other animals like vultures and Tasmanian devils prevent the spread of disease. But to prevent these extinctions, U.S. federal action is imperative. That's why, under the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act, all federal agencies would begin to prioritize species conservation, habitat restoration, and fighting climate change. Tell Congress to pass the Extinction Crisis Emergency Act, and to urge President Joe Biden to declare the current extinction events a national emergency!

Thank you,


The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. When hundreds of thousands of animal and plant species are at risk of permanently dying off, that's a national emergency. Sign the petition.


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