*[Enwl-eng] help us get 10 more people to speak out for Billy the Elephant!

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Jul 11, 2021, 12:37:24 PMJul 11
to "ENWL-uni"

So will you help spread the word today?

Hi, Have you heard that Billy the elephant has lived at the Los Angeles Zoo for over 26 years, since he was taken as a youngster from his natural environment in Thailand. For most of this time, he has endured living all by himself in an extremely tiny enclosure. As a result, he has displayed significant signs of stress, such as swaying and rocking side to side due to frustration, boredom and possibly depression. I am not alone in being worried that BIlly will face the same fate as his predecessors at the Los Angeles Zoo, who died prematurely due to conditions elephants often acquire while living in enclosed and cramped quarters. I just signed a Care2 petition to demand that the L.A. Zoo release Billy to an animal sanctuary. Will you join me? Click here to learn more and sign your name too! Thanks! 


Care2.com, Inc.
3141 Stevens Creek Blvd. #40394
San Jose, CA 95117
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2021 8:21 PM
Subject: Vladimir, help us get 10 more people to speak out for Billy the Elephant!

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