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Jun 17, 2021, 11:23:27 AMJun 17
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BNP Paribas, the so-called "green bank", keeps on funding deforestation in Brazil.

BNP's new “anti-deforestation” policy is nothing but lip service. The bank clearly doesn’t take the destruction of the Cerrado and the Amazon seriously.

As the house is literally on fire, with our partners at Canopée we decided to go and sound the fire alarm directly at a BNP branch office. We won't tell you more here, join our action on social media!

you can increase the impact of Canopée’s activists stunt by calling on BNP Paribas live on Twitter and / or Facebook:

Tell BNP Paribas to stop funding the world's worst environmental villains!

Send a tweet

With nearly 130,000 signatures, you have already shaken BNP Paribas. The bank quickly tried to protect its “green” image by recently going public with a new “anti-deforestation” policy. The problem ? The policy goals are neither ambitious nor clear enough: the textbook definition of greenwashing.

With your help, we will push BNP to walk the talk.

Tell BNP Paribas to stop funding the deforestation of the Amazon and Cerrado by imposing stricter rules on soybean traders:

flood BNP Paribas' Twitter and Facebook accounts to make them stop funding deforestation! 

Send a tweet

Don't have Twitter? No problem. You can also go to the French Facebook account of BNP Paribas and leave one of the comments below on one of its latest posts :

  • STOP funding the destruction of the Cerrado and the Amazon! Show us that you really care about the future of our planet! #TheBankOfABurningWorld

  • Where have your commitments on deforestation gone ??? It’s a disgrace that you fund the destruction of the Amazon through soybean traders! #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • So... your climate commitments were empty promises, right? Deforestation doesn't seem to bother you much. Congratulations on the greenwashing operation 👏 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Aren't you ashamed to fund deforestation in the Amazon? #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • We didn't expect much from a bank on environmental issues, but we are still disappointed. #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • What is a bank that is not "eco-friendly"? Because if you can pass for an "eco-friendly" bank by funding the destruction of the Amazon, I wonder what the other banks are doing 🤔 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • It’s so cliché to fund deforestation… Won’t you move on to sexier projects and just stop destroying our planet? #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • BNP Paribas: “we use 90% eco-friendly paper in customer communication”
    Also, BNP Paribas: we are massively funding deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado 🔥🌴💰💵
    Prime example of firefighter arson. #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Don’t you mind giving billions to deforestation? + 41% of the Amazon rainforest is gone compared to May 2020. #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Not financing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by soybean traders, that would be the bare minimum ... No? #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • BNP Paribas: “we reduced our CO2 emissions by 70 tons”.
    Also BNP Paribas: we are massively financing the deforestation of the Amazon 🔥🌴💰💵
    We have to compensate! We wouldn't want to lose the title of the best arsonist firefighter 🤡 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • BNP Paribas puts billions in the destruction of the Amazon. Beware when a bank with a green logo tells you they’re eco-friendly. It’s most likely lies. #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Destruction of the Amazon, of the Cerrado, of tens of thousands of protected species, of unique ecosystems… There is no denying that BNP Paribas is truly “the bank for a changing world” 🤡 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • The Amazon and its savanna, the Cerrado, are disappearing at breakneck speed, with catastrophic environmental and healthcare consequences for our planet. But things are not going fast enough for BNP Paribas, which funds its destruction with billions of $… #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Stop supporting the destruction of the Amazon by soybean traders! #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • BNP Paribas and soybean traders, hand in hand to destroy the Amazon! Isn't that nice? BNP Paribas, you are truly the bank for a world that DOES NOT change 👍 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • I know that you are supposedly the bank for a changing world, but please don't change anything! No, really, keep giving billions to soybean traders to destroy the Amazon. We are with you 👏 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • With billions of $, some would want to finance future projects in medical research or renewable energies ... But no, BNP Paribas prefers to invest in the destruction of the Amazon. Change nothing! You are truly the bank for a changing world 👏 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • Can anyone tell BNP Paribas that financing the destruction of the Amazon was already out-of-fashion in 1950? BNP Paribas: "the bank for a world that DOES NOT change" 🤡 #TheBankOfABurningWorld
  • In 2021, BNP Paribas is threatening the survival of Indigenous populations and endangered species in the Amazon by financing its destruction. A disgrace 😓. #TheBankOfABurningWorld

Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Feeding the European appetite for soy
Rainforest Foundation Norway. 1 November 2020.
(in French) Soja & deforestation: stop financial actors' complicity
Report from Reclaim Finance, Canopée, SumOfUs, Mighty Earth. 29 October 2020.



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Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2021 1:49 PM
Subject: Fire Alarm for the Amazon!

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