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Monthly Bulletin
CENN Electronic Bulletin, August 2021
News From Georgia
Old Routes, New Parks for Both Digital and Traveling Visitors to Georgia

Georgia’s Environmental Informational and Education Center (EIEC), which works under the wing of the Ministry of Environmental Protection a
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Living in a House Made of Straw

Construction and demolition waste makes up approximately 30% of the landfill material the world over. If we don’t want landfills full of co
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WHO & UNICEF: All Schools in Europe & Central Asia Should Remain Open

As millions of school children return to school across the European Region where the highly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is dominant, t
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News From Azerbaijan
EU Promotes Vocational Education in Azerbaijan

On 17 August, the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the State Agency on Vocational Education (SAVE) launched a
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EU4Environment Supports Azerbaijan in the Promotion of Circular Economy and Related Growth and Job Creation Opportunities

The EU4Environment programme hosted an online event with over 100 people to discuss opportunities that the circular economy offers for industrial
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Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, EU and UNDP Announce the Start of Ozun Yarat 2021 Contest to Promote Upcycling in Azerbaijan

Baku, 20 August 2021 – Today, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations Development Pr
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News From Armenia
A Biology Teacher Has Made Her Dream Organic Farm a Reality

With the purpose of boosting organic agriculture in Armenia, the grant programme Organic Agriculture Support Initiative (OASI), launched in 2015
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Moving Towards Solar Energy: Will Armenia Give Up Its Nuclear Power Plant?

The largest solar power plant in Armenia will be built with funding from investors from the United Arab Emirates. Its capacity will be 200 megawa
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Created with EU support, ‘Ttenut’ Distillery in the Syunik Village of Karahunj Aims to Become New Ecotourism Centre

In the village of Karahunj, Syunik Region, 5 kilometres from Goris, 40-year-old Irina Darbinyan has transformed the land belonging to her family
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International News
Warming Trends: Best-Smelling Vegan Burgers, the Benefits of Short Buildings and Better Habitats for Pollinators

Smells Like Burgers Which brand of plant-based meat alternative best imitates the fatty aroma of cooked beef? A new study tested it out.  Th
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Climate Solutions, Changemakers, and Celebrities: Major UN Podcast Series Launched

The UN launches No Denying It, a new 10-part climate action podcast, on Thursday, featuring interviews with inspiring young activists, and the vo
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COP26: What Is the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow and Why is It So Important?

Leaders from 196 countries are meeting in Glasgow in November for a major climate conference. They are being asked to agree action to limit clima
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News From CENN
Proposed Sectoral Budget Allocation Recommendations by CENN and the Parliament of Georgia

CENN, together with its partner organisations - with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation - is working with various ministries and
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With the Support of the ADC, CENN Installed a Solar Autonomous Solar Water Heater in the Business Yard of Bodorna

Within the development of sustainable use of forest resources and implementation of sustainable energy solutions for the rural population of Geor
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Niko Ketskhoveli School Award Finalists Have Been Revealed

Although the semi-finals were held online, eco-clubs successfully showcased their achievements to the jury. The pupils presented social and envir
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