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20 марта 2021 - World Rewilding Day

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Date: пн, 20 мар. 2023 г. в 16:10
Subject: Bringing back nature
Your favourite rewilding stories. 
What happens when we let nature back in
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The call of the wild 

Rewilding has long been a popular topic among Positive News readers. And as the movement has grown – once a germinating seed, now a veritable meadow of unfurling spring buds – the stories we’ve unearthed have also grown in depth, breadth and colour. 

Today, for World Rewilding Day, we’re sharing some of our favourite rewilding stories. From the scientists who rewilded a field 60 years ago (before the term even existed), to the ‘mini forest’ revolution sweeping the UK, we hope you enjoy these stories of nature coming back, in all its glory. 

They not only offer examples of what nature is capable of when left to flourish, but what humans can do when we set intentions. The residents of the once-declining declining Scottish town of Langholm are a case in point – they grabbed hold of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create the country’s most ambitious rewilding project, and are now restoring an entire ecosystem at scale. 

Happy reading – we hope that, wherever you are, you’re able to experience a little bit of nature today. 

Sarah LaBrecque
Editorial team

Your favourite rewilding stories

The plan to restore Britain’s lost rainforests
On a soggy walk through a regenerated British rainforest, we learn about the mission to revive these forgotten ecosystems
Sixty years ago, scientists let a farm field rewild – here’s what happened
The Monks Wood Wilderness experiment in England was a rewilding study before the term existed. This is what we can learn from it
Video: Bison roam England again for the first time in thousands of years
After a prolonged absence, the animals were released in Kent last summer to boost biodiversity and tackle the climate crisis
The town that pulled off Britain’s most ambitious rewilding project
The against-all-odds tale of a declining Scottish town that bought a moorland off a Duke – and started rewilding it
In pictures: sowing sea meadows in the UK to fight climate change
Millions of seagrass seeds are being planted around the British Isles to capture carbon and boost biodiversity

Good news is natural: support regenerative news today

There’s no natural law that news should be about what’s going wrong – it’s a choice, driven by an “if it bleeds, it leads” culture in journalism.

In the same way that nature in its wild state is a balanced system of life and death, at Positive News we believe the news should include important stories about how, where and why life is thriving, too. Knowing about progress and potential solutions to important issues not only boosts people’s wellbeing, it draws attention and resources to positive change and empowers everyone to act.

So, help us to end the socially destructive monoculture of bad news, by planting seeds for a more regenerative news landscape.

If you can afford to, please become a Positive News supporter today. Give once from just £1, or join 1,000+ others who contribute an average of £3 or more per month. Thank you.


What does it mean to rewild a person? Start with their education
The UK’s education system is like monoculture agriculture, say the founders of new movement that aims to reconnect children with nature
Rewilding from beyond the grave: the burial plots that heal broken landscapes
An eco burial startup wants death to breathe new life into degraded landscapes, helping the departed leave ‘a positive legacy’
The ‘mini forest’ revolution is here – and coming to a town near you
A novel approach to tree planting is taking root globally offering an exciting solution to the climate and biodiversity crises
The underwater sculptures tackling illegal trawling 
A subaquatic museum in Italy has halted illegal fishing, allowing the degraded seafloor to start rewilding itself
COP15 biodiversity pledge: ‘A major milestone for the conservation of nature’
Almost 200 nations agreed to preserve 30 per cent of Earth for nature, as part of a landmark deal to reverse biodiversity loss
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