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We just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on the webinar we'll be hosting this Wednesday at 18.00 CEST. It only takes a moment to sign up!

Join us on Wednesday 12th May at 18.00 CEST

We look forward to seeing you there!
David, (London), Virginia (Madrid) and the WeMove Europe team


Here is the original e-mail we sent


The 750 billion COVID-19 recovery funds are being touted as the moment of truth to accelerate the green transition in Europe -- but, is it really?

Powerful big polluting industries are already making every effort to grab most of the money with their greenwashing propaganda.

In Flanders, the transport lobby has convinced the region’s mobility minister to invest a whooping 93 million euros from our recovery funds on buses that will use fossil fuels instead of renewable energy. [1] Meanwhile, Bulgaria could soon be using recovery money for fossil gas pipelines, increasing people’s dependency on gas. [2]

Right now, the European Commission is carefully reviewing the proposals from each EU government for spending their recovery funds. In just a few weeks, they’ll either get the green light, or get rejected.

We must take this opportunity to demand these funds are used to transition towards a real green economy. Would you like to join a webinar to learn about what is happening and what you can do about it?

Join us on Wednesday 12th May at 18.00 CEST

Together, we have been mobilising for a year to demand the transformative potential of the EU recovery funds is unleashed for climate justice. Thanks to our pressure and that of many others, oil and coal businesses have been banned from accessing our recovery funds. But other polluting industries like gas, big agribusiness and oil-powered transport lie in wait.

Portugal wants to build an unnecessary dam, carrying severe environmental and social risks. Poland would like to build polluting and unneeded waste incinerators. Spain wants to increase industrial farming instead of organic farming. [3] All this could be paid with recovery funds meant to green our economy! Unless we do something about it...

Let’s get together as a community to go through what we’ve learnt in this year of mobilisations, and what we still need to mobilise for in 2021.

Click here to join a webinar on Wednesday 12th May at 18.00 CEST

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 12th May!
David, (London), Virginia (Madrid) and the WeMove Europe team

PS. We’ll be customising part of the content of the webinar according to your needs - have you got questions you’d like to see addressed? Join us on Wednesday 12th May and tell us what you’d like the webinar to cover.

[1] https://www.cashawards.eu/2021/03/25/belgium-flanders-wrong-turn-hybrid-buses/
[2] https://www.cashawards.eu/2021/03/25/bulgaria-replace-coal-dependence-with-fossil-gas-addiction/
[3] https://www.cashawards.eu

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