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Jun 29, 2022, 10:20:22 AMJun 29
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The campaign to unlock massive investment for renewable energy in Europe is ramping up…
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New guidelines could put billions of euros in the pockets of polluters. [1] These ratings will shape how banks and governments invest our money. Fossil and nuclear industries are set to be labelled as good 'green' investments. And they couldn't be happier.

It's like giving out Michelin stars to the worst restaurants in town. We could go from closing the gap on the climate crisis to rewarding the same fuels that got us here. It's time we simply don't have to waste. 

So we've partnered up and taken action. And it's working. Many Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) were sitting on the fence. Now, nearly 250 are on our side! It shows - when people come together, we can move the debate.

Next week, we face the final showdown - a major vote in Strasbourg. Right now, we're still short of the number of MEPs we need to block the polluters' power grab.

But we've been here before. When massive funds were provided to aid Europe's recovery from the pandemic - we wanted to secure that money for sustainable projects. Needing to move key politicians in Lisbon and Bilbao, we took action. Using posters, we plastered our message across the cities.

From waking up in their hotel to grabbing lunch outside or heading to the chamber to vote - they heard our voices everywhere. And we won those commitments! [2]

But plans like these cost money. We raised our voices at the right moment last time because of people like you, individuals who each gave a little to keep us going.

So Vladimir, will you chip in now so that together we can make a massive splash in Strasbourg before it's too late?

Donate €5
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I'll surprise you

Major moments like this do not come around so often. These new guidelines could be great news for renewable energy if we get them right.

Imagine: More projects would get off the ground with hundreds of billions of euros available. Solar power plants could bloom on the roofs of our homes and shops. We could breathe cleaner air and save our planet before it's too late.

But major polluters are hard at work lobbying to rig the rules. And it goes way beyond where we get our energy today. If they succeed and get a good 'green' rating, they will have access to major financing. It's a blank cheque for more toxic projects for decades.

The WeMove Europe community has worked tirelessly over years for a Europe that puts people and the planet first. This has seen us take on big polluters time and time again. We've not always won, but the times we won all had something in common - we had the resources to move fast and make some noise.

To do that, we need the resources to make a massive splash next week. We've costed it out and need €23,876. With that money, we could:

  1. Plaster Strasbourg with posters, just like in Lisbon and Bilbao. We will keep the issue top of our MEPs' minds wherever they go in the city that week. 
  2. Run massive billboard bikes outside the European Parliament, creatively grabbing politicians' attention right before they go to vote. 
  3. Set up hyper-local digital ads. Online you can lock adverts to display only in a given location. That means, as our MEPs sit in their office or even the chamber and use social media on their phones, we can pop our message right on their screen.

If we are to keep our money out of the polluters' pockets, we'll need to be ready to act. We know the targets, and we know just where they will be. And you can bet the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbyists do too.

But we can't count on the funding to put the plan into action. Because we don't take a single cent from companies or governments. It's the energy and euros of members like you that keep us going. To pull this off, we all need to get behind the idea.

So, I'm asking you if you'll join the thousands of us committed to seeing this through - by chipping right now?

Donate €5
Donate €8
Donate €10
I'll surprise you


Thanks for being part of this,
David (London), Thomas (Brussels), Olga (Bologna) and the entire WeMove Europe team


[1] The guidelines for markets and investors are known by the name of taxonomy, and they have been proposed by the European Commission. Here you can read a more detailed critique of the Commission's proposal:
Here is more information on why gas is just another dirty fossil fuel and why nuclear power is not the solution for the decarbonisation of our societies:
[2] https://www.wemove.eu/sites/wemove.eu/files/annual_report_2020_en.pdf?utm_source=civimail-46392&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20220628_EN


WeMove Europe is a community of people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home,
no matter where we were born, where we live or who we love.
In the name of a brighter future for people and the planet,
we come together to sign petitions, send letters and protest on the streets to make our voices heard.
Our power comes from each other. And it's thanks to small monthly donations, fivers and tenners, that we can keep going.

please help keep WeMove Europe strong by chipping in.


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