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Indigenous women in Canada are being forcibly sterilized. This is ethnic cleansing. Demand an investigation!
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You've just given birth. You're so excited to meet your child — but before you can, the doctor says that you must undergo a procedure first. That procedure is sterilization. You will never be allowed to have children again. This has been happening to Indigenous women in Saskatchewan, Canada for decades, with scores of mothers being coerced into undergoing sterilization. Victims have launched a class action lawsuit against the government, and almost all the plaintiffs say they were lied to about what the procedure would entail.

Forcibly sterilizing Indigenous women is a form of state-perpetrated violence and eugenics. It effectively prevents First Nations peoples from creating future generations — meaning it could wipe out entire communities. Even worse, it's likely that these are not isolated cases, but possibly part of an extended pattern. Senator Yvonne Boyer is calling on the Canadian Senate to authorize a nationwide investigation to determine where and how such eugenics is occurring. Please add your name to the petition. The more international support we can show, the more likely it is that Indigenous women in Canada will be able to finally find justice.

Thank you for all that you do,


Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team


P.S. Indigenous women in Canada are having their bodies violated, and blocked from having future children. The extent of this human rights abuse is still unknown. Please sign the petition demanding that the Canadian government investigate immediately.

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Subject: This is ethnic cleansing.

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