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Webinar: The Future of Waging Peace and Waging War

Start: Sunday, May 30, 2021 • 7:00 PM • Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada)

End: Sunday, May 30, 2021 • 8:30 PM • Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada)

Eastern time is four hours behind GMT.

World BEYOND War is pleased to cosponsor this event with Veterans For Peace of Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.

Paul K. Chappell is an international peace educator and founder of Peace Literacy. He graduated from West Point, was deployed to Iraq, and left active duty as a Captain. Realizing that humanity is facing new challenges that require us to become as well-trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war, Chappell created Peace Literacy to help people from all backgrounds work toward their full potential and a more peaceful world.

Chappell grew up in a violent household. Born in 1980, he was raised in Alabama, the son of a Korean mother and a Black father who was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. These experiences were part of what compelled him to forge a new understanding of war, peace, rage, trauma, and our shared humanity.

This understanding is conveyed in his seven-book Road to Peace series.

Register here!

NB: We promote events at a wide variety of times chosen by WBW or by coalitions we are working with. We know that any one time is not convenient for the whole globe, so we try to vary the times. We also stream every webinar to our youtube page and post the videos at https://worldbeyondwar.org/webinars to be watched at your convenience.

World BEYOND War is a global network of volunteers, chapters, and affiliated organizations advocating for the abolition of the institution of war.
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Subject: Webinar: The Future of Waging Peace and Waging War

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