*[Enwl-eng] Our coffee, beef, and other products are killing rainforests

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Jan 26, 2023, 11:21:54 AM1/26/23
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But a new law gives a glimmer of hope.

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Yellow smoke rises from a part of the Amazon Rainforest as it burns

A New EU Law Will Keep the World's Forests From Being Demolished. The US Must Take Similar Action!


Our world's rainforests are not only sights of immense beauty and wonder -- they are sources of life itself. Tropical rainforests have earned the nickname "lungs of the planet" because they not only emit oxygen, but draw in and eliminate carbon that is warming our Earth; forests sustain biodiversity, often consisting of critically endangered species; and Indigenous communities rely on forests for their homes, food and water sources, as well as cultural and spiritual traditions.


That's why we need to urge the United States to protect our world's forests in the same way the European Union just did!


Under a new import law approved by the EU companies cannot sell beef, coffee, and other commodities if they were grown on recently-cleared forest land. If we want these products, we need to find another way to make them. This is an incredible victory for some of the world's most threatened forests, the climate, and all life on Earth. It is time for Congress to pass similar legislation -- sign the petition if you agree!

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Thank you,


Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. The world's rainforests are being destroyed to make coffee, beef, and other products. US lawmakers must take a stand. Sign the petition.

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