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Dec 9, 2022, 12:33:58 PM12/9/22
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Flora, Fauna and Fungi!

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A patch of fungi on a forest hill

Fungi Have Long Been Neglected in Conservation. Let's Change That!


Fungi are amazing: they make soil, digest pollutants, help make human medicines and even produce food. More than 90% of plants on earth depend on symbiotic fungi! Yet while these organisms are absolutely vital to life on our planet, we know relatively little about fungi overall, and there is scant attention paid to their conservation. But a simple added category could fix that and make sure earth's precious fungi are protected. 


It is time conservation organizations around the world add a third "F" of funga to their existing lists of flora and fauna!


Unfortunately, because fungi don't fit neatly into "flora" or "fauna," they are often overlooked by major conservation organizations. We must protect and continue to study these miraculous organisms! Sign now to tell the international conservation community: embrace the third "F" and protect fungi as much as flora and fauna!

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Thank you,


Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Fungi are threatened by fungicides and fertilizers most directly, but also experience many of the same risks that plants and animals do. Sign to protect them!

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Subject: Fungi are the forgotten "F"


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