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Blind Insanity

Aug 15, 2021, 11:57:43 AMAug 15
to Entombed Discussion (Roguelike game for blind and visually impaired)
Hi. I am having a problem. I have entombed running on one of my old computers. This computer is running windows 10. I got a new computer, also running windows 10, and Entombed refuses to run. It installs just fine, but even when I run as administrator, no window opens. Trouble shooting the compatibility does nothing. To summarize, it works on 1 windows 10 computer, but it won't work on this. If you have anything that would help, please post it. Thank you


Aug 15, 2021, 5:08:14 PMAug 15
to entomb...@googlegroups.com


Give the following a try. This was originally posted by Jason Symes:


The Entombed 1.05b installer doesn't install SQL Compact 3.5 Service

Pack 2 correctly, which this version of Entombed needs to function

properly. Install the SQL yourself.


This download is a self-extracting exe made by Microsoft. Extract it

to a folder you can easily find, which will contain three files:

install.txt, SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi, and SSCERuntime_x64-ENU.msi


As the install.txt states, if you're running a 32-bit version of

Windows, install SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi. If you run a 64-bit version

of Windows, then run SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi followed by



If you're not sure whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit, there's a

couple easy ways of finding out. Bring up Windows Explorer to show the

list of files and folders on your computer's c: drive, which is where

most people install Windows. If you have both a program files and a

program files (X86) folder, you have 64-bit Windows. Also check your

Windows folder, if you have a syswow64 subfolder, then you also have a

64-bit version of Windows. Otherwise, if you only have the one program

files folder and no syswow64, you're running 32-bit Windows.


Once you've installed the SQL Compact 3.5 SP2, try running Entombed 1.05b.




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