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Patrick Smyth

Dec 11, 2020, 3:06:09 AM12/11/20
to Entombed Discussion (Roguelike game for blind and visually impaired)
Hi all,

Hope this finds you well. I've installed the newest version (1.5b, I think) on Windows 10, and it seems to run fine, though I did have to do a certain amount of hoop-jumping to get things working. However, though I've read the posts about how Entombed is now free, this seems to be the demo version, as it prompts for an upgrade and additional classes are not available for selection.

Is there a mechanism for getting the free version to work? I actually went ahead and paid Jason$45 or whatever, all those links are still up, and am fine to have paid that, but I do want the full version of the game. I dropped Jason a line at the dingo email and at the driftwood games alias, but nothing back yet

If Jason reads this and can do an upgrade, please upgrade the account username Egaragoras, with my thanks. And if anyone else can give some guidance, that would be appreciated, and apologies if you've had to read both this and the thread I started at blind gamers.


Dec 11, 2020, 5:42:44 AM12/11/20


When you press on the upgrade selection. Thought it had you sign into your account. Try that. If you do not think you have an account then make one. Should be an option under account maintenance.



Patrick Smyth

Dec 12, 2020, 12:27:28 AM12/12/20
I've made about five accounts trying to get this to work. After
signing in, it just says that no payment was detected, and tries
to redirect to the payment site, which is still up. That's how I
wound up paying for the game. The server also doesn't seem to log
payments anymore, or something. After paying, I was redirected to
an application error page, and the associated account still can't
access the full game, nor can a freshly created and unrelated

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