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Jun 5, 2020, 5:16:01 PM6/5/20
LOL. I sent this to Jason by mistake instead of the group. Sending it to the
group to also get their feedback. Maybe a bit of peer pressure might just
nudge Jason to think about these. Thanks.

Hi Jason,
Know you have made entombed freeware and are not working on it. but do have
a couple requests if you would be so kind:

1. Fix the website to reflect the correct versions you will download.

2. Fix the installer of 1.05b to include all the necessary files.

3. Fix it so that 1.02k and 1.05b just make you an account and it unlocks it
and does not take you to the pay page.

4. do you know why recently some people have experienced entombed to stop
working totally? Hit enter and it does nothing. No error log to trouble
shoot with. And this seems to be only on win 10 systems. And yes this has
happened to me. Now both versions will not run.

5. Are you still cleaning out the bazaar?

Thanks for taking time to look at these for consideration.


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